Empowered Artist Music Video – You Can Do This!

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When I first reached out to my email list and social media followers, I had no idea what kind of response I’d get.

It started as a fun idea to create a music video montage of creative people around the world declaring their “empowered” status as artists. I was blown away by the response and the inventive ways people created their signs.

Here’s the finished product. Please share it with the creative people in your life (musicians, writers, visual artists, and more). Look below for info on the “I Can Do This” song and a list of the artists who appear in the video.

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Learn more about the I Can Do This” song here. (Lyrics and music by Bob Baker (c) 2015.)  From the album Opening Up to the Good.

Artists, in order of appearance:

Rana Ahmed – 0:06 and 0:39

Walt Pitts – 0:09 and 0:45

Rowen Bridler (England) – 0:13 and 2:47

Tim Dickson – 0:15 and 1:41

Chuck Brown – 0:18 and 1:35

Linah El Nashar – 0:21 and 1:23

Bob Baker – 0:24, 1:58 and 3:16

Mojo – 0:32

Jory Piccinino – 0:53

Pooki Lee – 1:01, 3:38 and 4:40

Peter Woolston (New Zealand) – 1:12

Natalie Gelman – 1:32 and 1:54

Anat Zoe Tuvia (Israel) – 1:50

Paige Powell – 2:08

Chris Goslow – 2:21

Debra Cowan – 2:30

Charr Crail – 2:38

David Morris – 3:00

Jimmie Vestal – 3:10

Donna Opfer – 3:28

Michelle Edwards – 3:35

Room 24 (Andy Cooper, James Caton, and Michael Cooper) – 3:52 and 4:33

Jay Harmony – 4:05

Fern Michonski – 4:10

Rad-Z – 4:16

Speirosmusic – 4:27

Thanks to everyone who contributed and made this Empowered Artist music video a smashing success!


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