Would You Like One Hour (or Three) of My Undivided Attention to Help You With Your Music Marketing?

The Short Version:

Could you use some personal marketing advice from a 20+ year veteran to gain clarity and focus with your music promotion efforts?

Would you like one hour of my undivided attention to help you?

learn how to make money with your music with music marketing coaching from Bob BakerI don’t do very much consulting or coaching work at all, since most of my time is spent publishing books, writing blog posts, recording podcasts, and teaching online courses.

But I do like to work directly with serious artists and music biz pros from time to time when my schedule allows. Here are my current rates:

One Hour for $195 USD.

Three Hours for $495 USD paid in advance.

Here are some ways you can put that time to good use. You could use me to:

I’ll be happy to customize the time you purchase to your needs!

If you’re interested, please fill out this simple online form. I want to make sure I feel I can help you before we move forward.

I’ll contact you either way to let you know. If we’re a good fit and I have time, I’ll get in touch to arrange the payment and see how you want to proceed from there.

Bob Baker - music marketing consultantSo, if you’d like to make a commitment to your music marketing goals and explore booking some time with me, please submit this easy online form now.


The most productive hour I’ve ever spent!

Christafari - satisfied clients of Bob Baker's Music Marketing Coaching“I have attended countless conferences, seminars, and read countless books and articles on the industry, but this was without a doubt the most productive hour I have ever spent. Bob gave me insight into ways I can grow my fan base, increase sales, and make more money. In fact, just one of his pointers will help us save thousands of dollars a year! I highly recommend a personal consultation with Bob Baker. It’s well worth the investment!”Mark Mohr, (Christafari, GospelReggae.com, Lion of Zion Entertainment, Positive Music Agency)

Fresh ideas that will have a positive impact on my business

“My one-on-one discussion with Bob was one of the best experiences I have had in the music business. Even though I am a veteran of the industry, Bob was able to give me fresh ideas and approaches that I know will have a positive impact on my business. But mostly, he gave me the priceless gift of support, reassurance and wonderful personal connection. I recommend one-on-one time with Bob to both musicians and industry folks alike. Thank you, Bob!”
Laurena Marrone Campos, Grit PR & Consulting, LLC

The Long Version:

Writing and performing songs is hard enough. Getting your music recorded and booking live gigs are other hurdles you have to overcome.

Now you have to promote and sell all this stuff!

Effective Music Promotion

Being an independent musician (and an entrepreneur) has many rewards. But it can also be frustrating as you try to figure out the confusing worlds of music publicity, marketing, Internet promotion, and sales.

Help May Be On the Way!

Everyone can use a little advice and encouragement. Everyone can benefit from a creative and objective eye that may see opportunities with your music that you’re too close to see.

Whether you’re early in your music career or well along the road to widespread success, could you use some solid music marketing advice from someone who will take the time to listen and help you get more clear about your distinct identity and how you could promote yourself better?

Bob Baker - Music Marketing Promotion Look over the rest of this page and decide for yourself if my experience, philosophy and style are a good fit for you and your music.

Who am I? For starters:

Long story short … I’ve been immersed in music, media and marketing for many years. I have a passion for them and I love helping artists realize their potential. Now I’d love to help you realize yours.

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What I Can Do for You

During our one-hour session, based on your specific needs, I may be able to help you …

Music Marketing and Music Promotion Help

The one-hour session with Bob was extremely helpful

“Bob’s one-hour coaching session was extremely helpful. I spend a lot of time obsessing over details about my marketing plans, and I sometimes second guess myself too much. Bob helped set me straight so I can continue to use his teaching materials effectively and know how they relate to MY path. Thanks, Bob!”Ange Alero

“Applying many of Bob’s ideas, and without any wholesaling or distribution, I sold more than 20,000 music CDs over the last five years. Using his suggestions, I increased my fan base by 35% in just one year. Pretty good for a non-performing artist who does all studio work. Bob is the master of music marketing!”Kris Lee-Scott, Hanai Music

“It’s hard to find someone you trust with your music career. But since I started applying your advice, we have been played on over 500 Internet, commercial and college radio stations around the world, all with your help. We’ve had Top 10 songs in some of the biggest cities using your advice. We got signed to Rhombus Records in LA and, as a result, we have made it through the second round of voting for the Grammy Awards in Jazz. Thank you, Bob, and may you help others like us in the future!”
Terry Copley, The Catz in the Hatz

“Bob gets to the heart of who you are, focusing on what’s important, valid and ultimately crucial for your career. In addition, he has always provided an overflowing wealth of valuable and well-researched resources for artists at ANY level.” Lisa Lauren, jazzy-pop vocalist/pianist/songwriter, Chicago, IL


What I CAN’T Do for You

We all have strengths. I know my areas of expertise. I also know the subjects I’m not well-versed in. It’s only fair to let you know ahead of time what I can’t help you with.

Bottom line: My goal is to help you succeed as an independent artist by showing you how to get more exposure, reach more fans, and sell more music and merchandise.

A Note About My Philosophy …

Too many artists sell themselves short and don’t realize the power they have to steer their own careers. Success starts from within and radiates out. Not the other way around.

I recommend that you pursue your career without being distracted by music industry middlemen (such as radio, retail, labels, etc.). Instead, focus your efforts on connecting with fans and building your notoriety on your own. Put yourself in a position where you build such a buzz that “industry” people come to you.

You are an inspiration for anyone to be successful in life

“Without a shadow of a doubt, Bob, you have helped thousands of people around the globe get what they want. You are an inspiration for anyone to be successful in life. I trust that this will encourage people out there to give you a chance to redirect their careers. You are a role model to me and I thank you sincerely.”Gordon Franks, South Africa

“Your entire attitude is what I tell my artists (and fellow managers) they need to have if they want to be more than a hobbyist in music. You have compiled so many more ideas and great tactics than I ever thought of. Your MySpace advice is brilliant, and two of my artists worked all weekend updating their pages based on several tips and ideas you provided. Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge!”Leanne McNeil, PopArt Management

“Hey Bob, I really appreciate all of the resources you have put together. I have already gotten my money’s worth. I have totally revamped my website using your tips and strategies. I have created profiles on at least a dozen music networking sites and have generated a lot more traffic to my site. And, using your advice, I sold more merch and got more email addresses at last night’s show than I ever have before. I will definitely be continuing to put your tips into practice.”Chris Jane, singer-songwriter

“I love your stuff. I have a Masters degree in marketing, and I feel I’ve learned more from you than I have in a hundred text books. In fact, I am so inspired, I am thinking of using your information as the ground work for my PhD in music marketing.”Rob Rodell, Johannesburg, South Africa

Could You Use This Kind of Help With Your Music?

Here are my rates:

One Hour for $195 USD.

Three Hours for $495 USD paid in advance.

If you’re interested, please fill out this simple online form. I want to make sure I feel I can help you before we move forward.

I’ll contact you either way to let you know. If we’re a good fit and I have time, we’ll proceed with payment and setting up a time to connect one-on-one via Skype video (my personal preference) or phone.

I hope to speak with you about your specific music marketing and self-promotion needs soon!


P.S. As you know, I’m a big fan of going the “Do It Yourself” (DIY) route. And if that’s what you’ve been doing up until now, congratulations on taking your career into your own hands. But DIY doesn’t always mean operating in a vacuum — going it alone without advice, suggestions, and motivating words from others.

I’d love to help you on your musical journey, especially if I can give you advice that will help you get more exposure, reach more fans, sell more music, and generally enjoy more of the fruits of your labor of love.

P.P.S. Are my rates beyond your budget right now? No problem. I have an entire collection of very affordable books, special reports, audio programs, online courses, and more. Visit the music books page for the complete list.

To your success!


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