A Hard Lesson I Had to Learn

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For decades I’ve been the indie DIY guy. Self-reliance was my guiding principle.

It worked. However, something about it was incomplete.

The missing piece was facing the fact that I can’t succeed completely on my own – as a musician, a writer, a visual artist, or an actor.

And neither can you.

To truly thrive as a creative entrepreneur you need support. You need encouragement. You need people to celebrate victories with and share your defeats.

You need a team, a family, a network of peers who are on the same challenging journey as you.

That’s what inspired me to start the Empowered Artist Movement.

And that’s what lead to the launch of the new Empowered Artist Mastermind Group.


It’s a thriving community of creative people from around the world. All set up in a structure that encourages and compels members to interact, set goals, take action, and get results.

Take a moment for yourself and watch the video on this page.

Scroll down and see all of the perks and benefits.

Then come join us in a new creative revolution!


P.S. Sure, you could continue forging ahead on your own. Or, you could energize your journey as part of this new creative tribe.

The choice is yours. Have a look now and see how you can change your creative life (and the world) for good!


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