How to Promote Children’s Music

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Have you ever thought of getting into the children’s music market? You’re not alone. It seems there are a lot of people who want to publish either a children’s book or music CD — or both!

But this musical niche is a little trickier to navigate than other genres.

A few months ago, Mr. Billy (an accomplished indie artist who specializes in music for kids) sent me some questions for an article we was working on, and it gave me a chance to offer some marketing tips in this specialized area.

Here’s part of that Q and A exchange:

What are the main differences to consider when promoting kids music as opposed to other musical genres? What’s the #1 Rule for marketing in this genre?

The main thing that sets apart children’s music is that you have two audiences you must cater to: 1) the kids who consume it, and 2) the parents, teachers and grandparents who buy it. Most artists must simply focus on one type of end user consumer. But children’s music has that added challenge.

The #1 rule? Focus your music on the kids. Focus your marketing efforts on the parents, teachers and grandparents. In fact, have a separate page on your site for each group: one for parents, one for teachers, etc.

Also, create some interactive activity on your web site that kids can do. Take a look at what Webkinz and Build-a-Bear have done to get ideas. If you can get kids to repeatedly ask their parents if they can go to your web site and play, you will be “top of mind” when the next birthday or holiday rolls around.

And that’s the main question you should ask yourself: How can I get the idea into a parent’s or teacher’s mind that I am a good resource for their kids?

Also, at your live events, offer something that kids can take home with them. Even if it’s a simple sheet of paper with quizzes or cartoons. And make sure your web site address is on it. Better yet, create a fun list of questions, and make it so that the kids/parents must go to the web site to get the correct answers.


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