Shift Happens: Are You a Reader, a Listener or a Watcher?

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There’s a major shift taking place in the way people consume digital content. A lot of experts are saying that blogs are dead. These days there’s a lot of buzz about the rise of audio podcasts and video to reach people online.

Well, I’m not buying into the blog death hype just yet. I plan to continue blogging for a long time.

Shift HappensBut I am sold on the appeal of podcasts and YouTube videos. That’s why I started producing my “Artist Empowerment Radio” podcast in 2005 … and uploaded by first video to YouTube in 2006.

No hype needed. I saw the value in having multiple ways for people to consume my content years ago.

More recently, I started a new interview series called “The Creative Entrepreneur,” which features guests from diverse fields: musicians, writers, visual artists, actors, and more. I make it available as free YouTube videos and as an audio podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, etc.

Personally, I love consuming information and entertainment in multiple formats: print books, ebooks, podcasts, audiobooks, video training. And that’s why I create content (both free and paid) in all those formats.

So …

Are you a reader? Great! I’ve got an archive of music marketing blog posts for you that goes back to 2004.

Are you a listener? Awesome! I run three podcasts (and I may add another soon). There’s Artist Empowerment Radio, The Creative Entrepreneur, and the Book Promotion Podcast.

Are you a watcher? I’ve got you covered. On my YouTube channel you’ll find play lists on music marketing, book publishing, Creative Entrepreneur interviews, and a lot more.

Shift Happens: Are You Ready to Experiment with Multiple Formats?

As I said in this recent video, you should focus your time and effort on the communication mode that you’re most drawn to. But as the Internet and people’s use of it evolves, there is something to be said for expanding (at least a little) into various modalities that reach readers, listeners and watchers.

If you missed them, here are some highlights from recent podcasts and Creative Entrepreneur interviews:

81 – Bob’s Big Career Shift Revealed!
I’ll be honest. What I reveal on this episode is scary for me. But it’s something I need to do that I think you can learn from.

82 – The Unconventional Career
You’re not an average person, right? Why should you settle for an average career? In this episode I read an excerpt from my new DIY Career Manifesto ebook.

83 – Finding Your Right Livelihood and Ideal Career
How do you know you’ve made the right creative career choice? What’s your right livelihood, your true purpose and passion in life? Get answers here …

08 – Ariel Hyatt, Cyber PR for Musicians & Thought Leaders
This episode of “The Creative Entrepreneur” features my good friend Ariel Hyatt. She’s an author, speaker, music publicist, social media expert, and owner of Cyber PR.

19 – Jo-Na Williams, Entertainment Attorney, Artist Advocate
Jo-Na is an incredibly wise and inspiring woman. She’s a NYC-based musician and artist advocate turned entertainment attorney. Her story and work ethic will infuse you with a “can do” attitude.

14 – Cari Cole, Finding Your Authentic Voice
This episode features Cari Cole, a New York City-based vocal coach and artist development expert. A big part of Cari’s mission is to help artists find what she calls their “authentic voice” – which goes a lot deeper than simply learning to sing well.

Happy reading, listening and watching!


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