Niche Music Markets: 7 Great Examples

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In the third week of my Berklee Music Marketing 101 class, we delve into the power of focus and niche marketing. One of the exercises asks students to list real-life examples of niche music markets. I’m always amazed by what they uncover.

Here are seven solid examples of artists and music companies that serve very focused audiences:

1) Janet Marlow composes relaxation music for dogs, cats and horses. I kid you not. Check out her Relaxation Music for Pets web site.

2) Then there’s – yes, it features fitness music with a Christian theme.

3) Sugar Hill Records is an indie label that focuses exclusively on bluegrass, Americana, and folk artists.

4) In 1984 Michele Valeri, Michael Stein and Joe Pipik produced an album called Dinosaur Rock. The recording led to a successful stage show, which led to the formation of a touring company. Since then Dinorock has produced nine more dinosaur shows that delight children and their parents.

5) Green Owl Records is a NYC-based record label started by artists with the idea that great music can be sustainable — both economically and environmentally. Green Owl is committed to respecting the planet through the use of green technology.

6) Then there’s the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra in New Zealand. The name says it all.

7) Greentrax Recordings specializes in Scottish, Celtic and Gaelic music.

Bonus example:

The Switchblade Kittens have a couple of things that set them apart. For starters, they describe themselves as “an all-bass, girl-centric band.” And their second CD, called The Weird Sisters, was inspired by the Harry Potter books.

Also see some of the Wizard rock sites that pay tribute to the many bands that make music inspired by the Harry Potter series.

Lesson: When you narrow your focus, you create an opportunity to bond more closely with a specific type of music consumer. You can either base your entire career on such a niche, or have spin-off sites that cater to niches within a wider genre that you serve.

However you use it, the laser-focused niche approach is worth some serious thought.


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  1. Hi Bob – I am glad I read your article because it made me realize I should try to write a “mission statement” that puts in writing the intent that I have had in my mind for my music and my web site. So thanks to you, I just crafted this: provides music written, recorded, performed and sold especially for people in the “special needs” community such as parents of special needs children and people providing long term care of parents aging, ill or disabled family members. The site offers autism and care-giving articles, a newsletter, and of course the music download center.