Music Publicity Checklist: 10 Things to Do AFTER You Get Media Coverage

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Most of the advice you see on music publicity (including mine) deals with how to get it in the first place. And it’s no wonder. Getting on the mental radars of music editors, reviewers and writers can be a challenge for many self-promoting artists.

music publicity checklistBut what do you do when you actually land that coveted media exposure?

Should you just sit back, relax and soak up the feeling of victory?

Yes, but you must also capitalize on the moment and turn it into even more free marketing!

Publicity can lead to more exposure and a boost in your reputation. Just look what happens with the major news outlets: They all tend to cover the same top stories.

The same pattern holds true on a smaller scale, such as in your local community or among your network of friends. Therefore, when you get publicity of any kind, make sure you leverage it to your advantage!

Music Publicity Checklist

Here are 10 things to do after you get publicity. Each will enhance the value of the free coverage you just earned, and many of them work together:

  1. Celebrate that you just got free publicity! Do a happy dance, jump up and down, and have a beer while you do the rest of these things. You deserve to celebrate!
  2. Add a link to it on your website or blog. Write a quick synopsis in your own words of what the coverage says and where it appears. Then link to the article, review, interview, podcast, etc.
  3. Link to it in your EPK (electronic press kit). It’s always good to keep your electronic press kit updated with hot new accolades. Be sure to quote from and link to the write-up or video from within your EPK.
  4. Tell the world on social media. Why not talk it up with your friends, fans and followers? They may even help you share it – thus making your free publicity go viral to some degree. Make sure to use all of your social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, etc.
  5. Ask people to share and retweet on social media. Sometimes you don’t get things in life unless you ask for them. Sharing your good news is one thing you can and should directly ask for. Don’t just assume your peeps will pass your link along if they want to. Actually say ”Please share” or “Please retweet.” You might be surprised how many people actually do it when you ask.
  6. Let your fans know via email. Do you have a list of email contacts? (I certainly hope you do!) Send them a quick note. Personalize it and tell them why the publicity excites you, not just that you got some free press.
  7. Ask fans to leave comments to fan the flames. If the press you got sits on a web page that allows comments (and most do these days), encourage your supporters to leave some. That might push the page into the site’s “most popular posts” list for that week.
  8. If it’s significant national or online press, let your local media know about it. Write up a quick press release or just send a short personal email to let your regional press contacts know about the cool exposure you just got. That may very well lead to more local publicity.
  9. Add the logo of the site or entity that gave you publicity to your “as seen in” graphic. If you are wondering what an “as seen in” graphic is, it’s simply a visual representation of the exposure you have earned. Here’s one that I use:

  1. Print and include it in your physical press kit. If you have a physical media kit, add a blurb or printout of the new exposure. This helps your press kit stay fresh, updated, and more compelling.

Always remember that free publicity can easily lead to more publicity, wider exposure, and image enhancement. As I explain in the Music Publicity Insider’s Guide, people who work in publicity like to look good to their peers and bosses.

If you are getting publicity elsewhere, it makes you more attractive to other members of the press. Publicity also makes your fans happy to see their favorite artist getting the exposure they deserve. So get your fans involved!

music publicity checklistSo, use this handy 10-point music publicity checklist the next time you get music publicity.


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