Get Your ASK Out There! A Music Career Game Changer

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This blog post may have a funny title, but if you truly embrace the idea I share here, it could seriously transform your life and music career.

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Do you ever get frustrated by slow progress? Are you cynical because few people seem to give a damn about you and your music?

Do you find yourself praying for a big break? (Heck, you’d probably settle for a modest break or even a break crumb at this point.)

Here’s one solution:

Maybe you just need to get your ASK out there more often.

A friend was recently expressing frustration over the lack of financial support she was getting. “I’m following my passion and doing good work in the world, but very little money and attention are coming my way,” she moaned.

Can you relate?

After chatting for a while, I discovered she really hadn’t put structures and offers in place that would allow enough people to send money her way. And most important, she wasn’t ASKing people to benefit from the music and message she delivered.

She was putting good stuff out into the world, but she was relying on people to figure out for themselves what to do with it. She was waiting for them to come to her. And, as a result, they were slow to respond.

Here’s the reality …

People are busy … and distracted … and overwhelmed … and … oh look, is that a squirrel?

As much as you’d like to think your friends and fans will step up to the plate and support you on their own, most of them will require a nudge.

That means you must get in the habit of regularly ASKing people to do something.

Want more people at your live shows? ASK your fans to come. And do it more than once, in all sorts of ways – by email, on Facebook and Twitter, in person, at the previous show, etc.

Want to book more gigs? ASK more talent buyers. And follow up when you don’t hear back after the first request. ASK your fans for venue suggestions and about house concert possibilities.

Want more music sales? Create special offers and ASK your fans to make a purchase. And not just once, but ASK two or three times during any given promotion.

Of course, you must also learn the art of how to ASK. It can’t be in a self-serving way. You must always position your request in terms of how it benefits the other person.

But one thing I know for sure …

The more you ASK for the things you desire (in a helpful, value-added manner) the more you will get!

Sure, some people will tell you no. Many will ignore you. But a surprising number may start to say YES and actually give you what you ASK for!

But you won’t get to this radiant state of receiving until you ASK more often.

Here’s your new mantra: ASK, ASK, ASK, ASK, ASK!

Got it? Good!

Now get your ASK out there!


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