Are You Ready to Make More Money with Your Music?

Use these 19 overlooked strategies to generate more music cash flow this month, this week … even today!


Whether you play music full-time or part-time, or you perform as a solo, duo or full band … I bet you could use more money coming in.

Maybe a LOT more.

What if I told you there was a way to earn $100, $200, maybe even $500 or more this month with you music?

It could happen. One band from Germany made $663.00 after using just one idea from this program – see below.

Of course, playing music isn’t ALL about the money. Not at all. You do it for creative fulfillment, for the satisfaction of impacting your fans, and so much more.

But be honest, earning income from your music is important too! You’ve spent years honing your craft. You deliver value to your fans and listeners.

You deserve to prosper!

Here’s the secret to music career prosperity …

After two decades of studying the success habits of successful musicians, I’ve come to the conclusion that most active songwriters, singers, and performers are sitting on top of a gold mine they aren’t even aware of.

If you perform live at all or have even a small supportive fan base, there are opportunities to make money right under your nose.

That’s why I created 19 Cash Flow Strategies for Songwriters, Musicians and Bands. It’s a 78-minute audio training program that walks you through the most potent, short-term music cash flow generators I know of.

I had two important criteria when creating this program:

Cash Flow Money Strategies for Musicians and Bands1) They had to be strategies most musicians rarely consider – no boring, obvious ideas like “Book more gigs” or “Sell your music on CD Baby.” Nope. You’ll only find tactics here that are fresh and outside the normal way of thinking.

2) They also had to be ideas you can put into action and make money from now. No long-term projects like “Record a new album” or “Book a mini tour.” Everything in this program can be implemented this month, this week, and most of them even TODAY!

The program also comes with six pages of worksheets that you’ll use to capture your ideas. Use them to create an action plan ideally suited for you, your musical style, and your unique identity.

Strategy #3 made us completely revamp our new T-shirt design and how we sell it. We got about 50 pre-orders for the shirt in ONE week! That equals around 500 Euros (or $663 US Dollars) cash!

The best thing about these strategies is that they change the way you look at things. You get a totally different focus and the kick in the butt you need to really make money with music. Thanks, Bob!
-Bernie Lorig, guitarist for the band Godslave,

And it comes with …

A 90-Day, Money-Back Guarantee!

Your satisfaction is my top priority. So take up to THREE FULL MONTHS to apply these 19 music cash flow strategies. If you truly don’t discover at least a few ideas that can earn back what you pay for it, just let me know and I’ll give you a refund.

I won’t make you jump through hoops. No 20 questions. I’ll just give you your money back. So there’s no excuse to not take action!


19 Cash Flow Strategies for Musicians and Bands

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19 Cash Flow Strategies for Musicians and Bands