A Simple Way to Help Nashville Music Flood Victims

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UPDATE: I just sent a check for $1,800.00 to MusiCares Nashville Flood Relief. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this effort!

I’m ending my fund-raising project for Nashville, but you can still help them directly by visiting MusiCares or The Community Foundation. Thanks again for your generosity!

You’ve certainly heard the terrible news from middle Tennessee: 34 people dead and thousands of lives turned up side down — many of them musicians.

On May 12, I sent a short message to my mailing list asking my readers to participate in a fund-raising effort to help musicians in Nashville who have been affected by the flood there.

And they really came through!

As of May 24, they’ve contributed a total of $1,675.00.

Thank you!

Everyone who participates in this effort will get six info-filled music resources from me … and a public thank you and plug right here on my blog.

By pooling our efforts, we can help hundreds of music people in the Nashville area whose lives have been shattered by this disaster.

Thanks in advance for your generosity!

Here are just some of the good people who contributed to this worthy cause so far:

Daniel MacLellan, Jennifer Noble, Paul Reisler (Kid Pan Alley), Geno Haffner (The Dean Martinis), Corey Koehler, Barry McCabe, Tirk Wilder, Matt McKay, V.R. Leavitt, Gravity Tree, Leanne Regalla, Jay Pelham (music business career coach), Rob Rinderer, Cynthia Shelhart, Angelo Dodaro (Alero Music Group), Fran Stelken, Curt Potter, The Eben Brooks Band, Steven Charles, Don Slepian, The Country Casanovas, Martin Erich, Scott Gordon, Lance & Larry Hoppen (Orleans), Lynette Yetter, Prodigal Son Entertainment, Kate Ashby-Craft, Stolting Media Group, Antonio Pontarelli, Chris Goslow, Brad Broadrick (Rock Solid Entertainment), Thea K, Shawn Mars, Melissa Behring, Dream Town Media, Teddy Bear Band, Anders Eriksson, TOMOKO, Geoffrey Williams, Chris Cowan (Basil Records), Terri Langerak, Emily Arin, Isaku Kageyama, Kita-Simone, Michael Wheeler (Australia), Blane Gilbert (November), Mobile Guitarist, Scott Shelly, Adena Brumer, Michael Cotter, RuthyAnn Mandell, Judy Rodman, UR S MAN Sam Reeves, The Duke Wilde Band, Joseph Marsden, Lennon Baker & Cal Lamore (Wall Of Funk), Andrew Apollos, Cyril Pahinui.


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