60 – Jason Van Orden, Internet Business Mastery for Musicians

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Jason Van Orden (known as Jay on the “Internet Business Mastery” podcast) is Bob’s guest on this episode. Jason is one of the most sought after new media consultants around — who also happens to be a musician!

On this interview, Jason and Bob discuss the best ways that musicians can define their audience, brand themselves, communicate who they are to potential fans, and more. A must-hear interview!

NOTE: In the first minute and a half of this podcast I make an unexpected public announcement that may surprise a lot of people. Hmm … What is it?

Running time: 31:18 minutes. File size: 14 megs. Format: MP3 (64 kbps).

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Stuff mentioned on this episode:

What do you think about applying these Internet marketing tactics to your music career?

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The show intro music is the beginning groove from “Fickle Mind” by Heidi McCurdy. Thanks to Angela Stevens for the great voice-over work.

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  1. Nice! I actually just joined the Internet Business Mastery Academy a week or two ago, and I’m a big fan of their podcast. Makes me wish I was part of the Mastermind group so I could hear the full interview!