Top 10 Music Marketing Videos, Podcasts and Blog Posts of 2016

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Top 10 Music Videos, Podcasts & Blog Posts of 2016

I just checked the stats. Here are my ten most popular music-related blog posts, podcasts, and videos of the past year.

Even though these racked up the most views or downloads in 2016, some of them were originally published in previous years. That shows the power of having a strong archive of material for people to discover.

In case you missed these the first time around, or want to visit them again, here we go …


Hashtag Music Marketing – How to Use Hashtags to Promote Your Music
Ever wonder what to do with those strange #musicbiz type of phrases? This explains it all. (2013)

Steve Vai on How to Be Successful
Listen to Steve’s timeless advice for musicians. (2016)

7 Simple But Effective Steps to Reaching Your Music Career Goals
This topic is not searched for only at this time of the year. Artists always want to be better at this. (2015)

How to Promote a New Album: 25 Artists and Marketing Experts Give Their Best Advice
Highlights from Solveig Whittle’s monster post on how to market a new release. (2014)


Sell More Music This Month: Here’s How
A perennial favorite topic! (2016)

Music Festivals and Fairs: The Pros and Cons
Billy Grisack and I share the good, bad and ugly of the music fair and festival circuit. (2014)

What Sheryl Crow Taught Me About Context
I interviewed her in 1993, right as her debut album, Tuesday Night Music Club, came out. Here’s a big lesson learned I’d like to pass on to you. (2016)


My Best Music Career Advice EVER!
I know, it’s a sensational title. But it’s true! (2012)

Derek Sivers on How to Get Anything You Want
This Creative Entrepreneur podcast interview is a big hit on YouTube. Listen up! (2014)

20-Minute Meditation Music for Artists, Writers, Creative People
This was simply an experiment I posted on a whim more than a year ago. It’s been very popular. Perhaps I should do more of them? (2015)

I hope you enjoy these Top 10 pieces of inspiration from the past year.

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