Captivate Your Audience w/ Tim Buie, the Dueling Piano Bar King (Episode 104)

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Tim Buie, the Dueling Piano Bar

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On this meaty episode I interview Tim Buie, who I consider to be the Dueling Piano Bar King of the World!

He’s a Guinness Book world record holder and founder of the Piano Entertainer’s Convention, coming to New Orleans March 26-29, 2017.

Tim shares some great advice on how to captivate an audience and earn more tips, whether you play in piano bars or not.

And, I may be the first person ever who drilled Tim about a personal trait of his. I think its been a huge factor in his success – and this is a habit we could all benefit from doing more.

Tim also details what’s in store at the Piano Entertainer’s Convention, an event I will most definitely attend and speak at.

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