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Music Marketing Superstars Audio Collection

Imagine sitting across the table from today's most successful indie artists and music promotion experts ...
and being able to pick their brains for their secrets to music career success


What could you learn from artists who have:

What else could you learn from:

Get access to more than 24 hours of exclusive audio interviews, teleclasses, and music mastermind sessions - for a limited time

Not long ago I presented a couple dozen interviews and teleclasses with some of the most successful indie artists and music marketing experts.

These audio recordings were available only to members of my Music Marketing Mentorship Program.

For a limited time, I am bringing them "out of the vault" and making them available to you ... at a substantial discount.

Here are the amazing audio recordings you can download and start listening to right away:

Karmin is one of the biggest music success stories of the past year. Nick and Amy Noonan went from being an unknown duo in Boston to being a viral video hit on YouTube to being a signed, high-priority act on L.A. Ried's revamped Epic Label Group. All in a very short period of time.

Find out how they did it on this recording! (57-minute interview)

Pomplamoose is the musical duo of Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn. Since 2008 they have amassed more than 79 million YouTube video views and nearly 340,000 YouTube subscribers. They also sell 100,000+ paid music downloads per year.

On this recording they discuss their indie music business model, their successes and mistakes they've made, and reveal a DIY philosophy every artist could learn from. (38-minute interview)

My exclusive audio interview with Martin Atkins, author of "Tour:Smart and Break the Band." He's performed with Johnny Rotten & Public Image Ltd, Trent Resnor & Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Pigface, Killing Joke & has run Invisible Records for more than 20 years.

If you know anything about Martin, you know he's entertaining and filled with lots of punk-rock wisdom. (44-minute interview)

David Nevue. What could you learn from an independent musician who has been making a good living and supporting his family for 10 years? That's what solo piano artist David Nevue has accomplished. Listen as he shares his inspiring story. (63-minute interview)

David was also my guest on a music mastermind conference call. He did a masterful job answering questions about the steps he's taken to make a full-time living as a solo piano artist. One person shared the story of how he landed a $15,000 film licensing deal for one of his blues artists ... Another caller related how he's used one site in particular to generate steady licensing cash flow for his rockabilly band's music. (85-minute mastermind call)

David is also the author of "How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet."

Dave Carroll -- His "United Breaks Guitars" YouTube video has been viewed more than 12 million times. It led to widespread media exposure in Rolling Stone, The New York Times, an appearance on The View and much more.

In this interview, Dave shares some great advice on ideas that spread, working with limited resources, what he learned about the media, and more. (51-minute interview)

In a separate music mastermind call, Dave dove deeper into the lessons he's learned from his "United Breaks Guitars" video. Callers had some great questions, and the conversation took an interesting turn when we talked about various ways that musicians should (and shouldn't) use their fan email list. (81-minute mastermind call)

Mark Mohr is a DIY Dynamo who exemplifies what it means to be a successful, self-reliant artist. He has been serving a musical genre that he helped create more than 20 years ago.

This interview is filled with countless nuggets of real-world, hard-won advice on how to build a thriving indie music career. (55-minute interview)

Mark also joined me for a teleclass. In this jam-packed session he spoke at length about the many ways he has used YouTube videos to promote his reggae band with great results. (84-minute mastermind call)

Tony van Veen has been at the forefront of serving the indepednent music community for more than 20 years. As CEO of Disc Makers, CD Baby, HostBaby, and the new BookBaby for authors, Tony has had a firsthand view of the dramatic shifts in the way music and media is created and consumed. Listen to this one! (44-minute interview)

In a separate music mastermind call, Tony shared even more great advice and gave frank answers to several surprising questions. (91-minute mastermind call)

Cari Cole is an NYC-based vocal coach and artist development expert who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music biz -- from Grammy winners and American Idol finalists to rock legends and emerging artists. This 90-minute call sizzled with inspiration and music career advice. (84-minute mastermind call)

Brett Anderson is a singer and founding member of the female rock band The Donnas. After gathering a cult following in the punk scene in the early 1990s, the band achieved major label commercial success in the early 2000s (on Atlantic Records). They have since gone independent. Brett shares a lot of hard-won advice in this interview. (35-minute interview)

Randy Chertkow is the co-author (with Jason Feehan) of The Indie Band Survival Guide. On this call, Randy reveals some innovative things his band Beatnik Turtle has done to reach fans, the many lessons learned publishing a book that helps indie artists, some great ways to prepare for media interviews, and more. (87-minute interview and mastermind call)

Dr. Joe Vitale. He's the master of "Hypnotic Marketing." He played a prominent role in the blockbuster bestselling movie "The Secret." He's appeared in newspapers, magazines and TV shows like "Larry King Live" and "The Donny Deutsch show." He's the author of 53 books.

He's also a musician and songwriter working on his first album. You definitely want to hear this exclusive, one-hour interview -- and take lots of notes when you do. (61-minute interview)

Jason Van Orden (known as Jay on the "Internet Business Mastery" podcast). He's one of the most sought after new media consultants around -- who also happens to be a musician! On this interview we discuss how musicians can apply a "content marketing" strategy to attract fans, some highly effective ways to build a mailing list, and lots more. A must-hear! (59-minute interview)

Jason also joined me for a stellar teleclass during which he proved he is an incredible teacher. He lays out a four-step plan to grow your fan base and generate more income with music. A fantastic call filled with a ton of use-it-now advice! (91-minute teleclass)

Michael Brandvold. In 1998, Gene Simmons of KISS tapped Michael to be the Director of Web Services at Signatures Network, a Sony/CMGi company, where he built from scratch, managed and grew KISSonline into a multi-million dollar enterprise with more than a half million visitors a month.

Michael has also managed the online efforts for Motley Crue, Rod Stewart, Madonna, Ozzy Osbourne, Madonna and Britney Spears, to name a few. (74-minute interview)

Scott Ginsberg has turned wearing a nametag 24/7 into a lucrative career as a speaker, author and blogger. He's appeared on ABC's 20/20, Good Morning America, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, and more. In this interview, Scott reveals his best ideas on how musicians can stand out and position themselves for success. (45-minute interview)

Scott Stratten, author of UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging, is not only an expert in viral, social and authentic marketing (which he calls "Un-Marketing") ... Scott is also a former band manager with a lot of great advice for indie artists and managers. (40-minute interview)

David Hooper, Nancy Moran & Michael Brandvold joined me for an open forum, wide-ranging discussion on all things indie music career and DIY marketing related - from the benefits of being nominated for a Grammy to music showcase blunders to getting media attention - we covered a lot of ground. (88-minute mastermind call)

Set Sail. Imagine taking your band on a world tour and not playing one traditional venue the entire time. That's what the Australia-based band Set Sail did for several months in 2011. They went to multiple countries/ continents and performed "guerrilla concerts" in high-traffic areas. Listen as they share lessons on crowd psychology, life on the road, and more. (28-minute interview)

Music Marketing Mastermind conference call. Instead of featuring one guest, I made this a get-acquainted call. We had a great group of people on the line, including:

A singer who worked extensively with jazz icon Lionel Hampton; one of my Berklee students, whose former indie band toured the country and sold 20,000 tracks on iTunes; a radio and TV producer from the Virgin Islands; and Nancy Moran, who shared a great example of the power of names.

Full-time indie musician John Taglieri and Nashville producer Fett also joined us, along with many others. (91-minute mastermind call)

OK, what's the price for this ridiculous amount of audio inspiration?

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I won't make you jump through hoops. No 20 questions. I'll just give you your money back.


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