Steve Vai on How to Be Successful

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What could you learn from a guy who has sold more than 15 million albums and is considered one of the top guitarists in the world?

Guitar Center posted a great little video that features Steve Vai offering his best advice on succeeding in music. It’s worth a quick listen.

In it he stresses the importance of identifying exactly what you want out of your life and music career. This is an ingredient I’ve found too many musicians overlook.

Vai also discusses why you should cultivate your strengths and focus on them. He also shares the main thing that holds most musicians back and the first step to making progress.

It’s a short video that packs a mean punch – and he plays some pretty cool stuff throughout it as well.

Watch the video here:

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  1. John-Paul Jones says:

    This is so correct. The other part is NOT letting others agendas emotions or desires keep you from YOUR goals. Its not about anyone else’s definition of how you reach your goals.

  2. Will Hale says:

    Thanks Bob, a good one!

  3. Dan Buckley says:

    Totally agree Bob, so many musicians don’t set their goals before they start. Knowing what you want and where you want to go shape all decisions after that. Thanks for sharing.