Your Life Vision Gap and the Path of Least Resistance [Video 4 of 5]

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2017 Goal-Setting Mistake

I want to help you launch into the new year with clarity and focus.

That why I encouraged you in Lesson 1 to ask these three critical questions BEFORE you make any plans for 2017.

Then in Lesson 2 I gave you three types of Big Picture Vision Goals to set.

In Lesson 3 I pointed out a BIG goal-setting mistake you should avoid.

Now in Lesson 4 I cover Your Life Vision Gap and the Path of Least Resistance.

It’s a perspective that has allowed me to attain all of my achievements.

First, download and print this one-page Lession 4 PDF worksheet.

Next, watch the Lesson 4 video:

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Goal-Setting Mistake 2017I hope this advice helps you get the specific results you want to create in the new year!


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