Wallowing in Obscurity? Congratulations! Why It’s Awesome to Be an Unknown Artist

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It’s a common complaint. And I bet you have been guilty of falling victim to it too.

“Nobody is paying attention to me or my music!”

“I need a manager or an agent to save me from this obscurity!”

“If only I could get a lucky break and suddenly burst onto the local/national/international scene, then my problems would be over!”

Sound familiar?

Here’s my take on it …

Are you currently operating with few fans, no media coverage, and hardly any high-profile shows?

If so, CONGRATULATIONS! It’s time to celebrate and have some fun!


That’s right. When you are early in your music career, or in the early stages of developing a new musical project, you are in a unique position that more established artists wish they had.

Think about it

When you are an established artist with a manager, booking agent, road crew, producer, and the whole nine … you are under a lot of pressure to produce. People are depending on you.

Your next album or tour needs to be successful. You have mouths to feed. You can’t afford to screw up!

And if you experiment with a new promotional idea and it flops, the repercussions are magnified, since you have a lot more eyes watching your every move.

But …

As an independent artist who barely shows a blip on the music marketplace radar, you are free to play and experiment. You can take chances and try things. If your new promotion or song or live show theme fails, there aren’t many people who will see it. The negative consequences will be minimal.

Working in obscurity gives you time to woodshed and hone your skills. It allows you to play and find your voice and your style. This smaller stage gives you the green light to experiment and happily stumble upon an unexpected win.

So don’t curse your present state of obscurity. Embrace it!

Enjoy the stress-free atmosphere in which you currently swim.

Having this attitude at this stage of your career just might allow you to loosen up and organically discover the thing that WILL bring you greater attention and notoriety … along with more responsibility.

Bottom line: Wherever you are in your career development, be thankful and make the most of the current position you are in.


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