Jack Conte interview: Pomplamoose, Patreon and Viral Music Videos

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I’ve been busy cranking out a lot of new stuff to inspire you to get your music and other creative gifts out into the world. I cover two of the latest in this blog post …

Jack Conte has become a leading voice for independent musicians who are making a living and making a difference in the digital era.

He is best know for the musical duo Pomplamoose, which he co-creates with his partner Nataly Dawn. In 2013 he founded Patreon, a new concept in crowdfunding that has a lot of people talking.

Jack Conte interview, Pomplamoose, Patreon

In this wide-ranging Jack Conte interview he has a lot to say about:

YouTube and the massive role it played in his success

– How he earns more than $7,000 for every free music video he puts out

His surprising view of failure and trying new things

– What he means by “Acting before you are ready”

The “mental poison” he had to overcome years ago

– How “Sesame Street” helped Pomplamoose create viral YouTube videos

Watch or listen now …


You can also watch the video on YouTube here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AWg0fwGptY

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