Guerrilla Music Marketing Audiobook

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People have been asking me for years, and I finally did it.

You can now consume some of my Guerrilla Music Marketing material in audiobook form!

It’s been a big hit too – selling about one copy a day on Amazon and Audible.

You can grab a copy of this new audio program there. However, I’ll give you some special perks if you get it directly from me.

When you purchase using this link, you’ll get 9 MP3 files totaling 104 minutes of spoken-word audio, a PDF ebook of the text, and nine pages of worksheets – all for just $10 USD.

Note: This material covers Section 1 of the printed Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook. It’s the Introduction and first four chapters.

And it packs a wallop!

Click here to grab it using PayPal or a credit card

Take a listen to this short sample on Soundcloud:


If you’d prefer, you could acquire the audiobook alone at Audible or Amazon. Just note that these will NOT come with the PDF ebook version nor the worksheets:



If you like the convenience of audio learning, you’ll love this volume of music marketing strategies and inspiration!

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