Frank Zappa on Music Industry Change

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I’m guessing this video clip is about 20 years old or so. (Frank Zappa died in 1993.) It’s interesting to hear this innovative musician’s views on the recording industry in light of what’s happening now.

You can also watch it on this page at YouTube:


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  1. Red says:

    Frank Zappa is the weirdest, craziest, most brilliant guy. I love him. For all his eccentricity he seems to be one of the most down-to-earth people. Not to mention he’s the most underrated guitarist ever!

  2. Chris H. says:

    I’d say the clip is from somewhere between late 1990 and early ’93.

    He’s obviously gone beyond that 1980s ‘Emanuel,’/”Que?” – “No entender” / Fawlty Towers bellhop kind of look, and seems to be in the early stage of the whole cancer deal at this point.

    (Great clip, nonetheless.)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Frank Zappa is a major inspiration for a lot of us. Noone is more punk, credible and confident than this man.

    Thanks very much for this inspiring clip. I didn’t see this before before.

    One Weekly Gun

  4. Frank’s my hero! What was the source of this? And why in the world did they censor the word “masturbation”? Good grief!

    Anyway, good clip and it’s great, as always, seeing Frank and hearing his views. He’s the best.

    Darren Nelsen