3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Music Career

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Are you ready to make greater strides with your music career? Read these three quick tips from the Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook and get cracking!

1) Get on other artists’ mailing lists

Countless songwriters and bands are doing all kinds of things to promote themselves. Admittedly, many of them use ho-hum, ineffective methods. But every now and then you run across a real promotional gem.

Wouldn’t you like to be aware of those gems?

Get on the mailing lists of other artists you admire. Start observing how successful groups and record labels promote themselves. “Borrow” some of the better ideas (without directly plagiarizing) and discard the rest.

2) Follow up on everything

This should be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by the number of people who pay lip service to the concept of follow-through and still end up overlooking it.

The idea here is simple: If you tell someone you’re going to send a package, for example … make sure you do it!

Once the package is sent, follow up with a phone call or email to make sure the person received it.

Wait a week (or however long is appropriate for the situation) and contact the person again to get the status of the review, feature story, gig, or whatever it is you’re after.

Insight: Don’t expect other people or the whims of fate to take care of your career. Grab the reins and stay on top of your promotional activities.

Doing so will virtually guarantee that good things will come your way.

3) Build a powerful reference library

I’ve become quite leery of the phrase “Knowledge is power.” Not only is it overused, but the truth is, knowledge without action and implementation is useless.

That said, I encourage you to absorb as much info as you can on the music business and other topics that are important to you. The best way to do that is to build a personal empowerment reference library.

The bookcases in my home resemble the how-to and self-help sections of a major bookstore.

My shelves are stocked not only with music-related titles; they’re also filled with volumes on publicity, marketing, time management, sales, positive thinking, nutrition, spirituality, and more.

Guerrilla Music Marketing HandbookMy personal library serves as a constant reminder of the areas I need to stay sharp on, and I quite frequently pull out a book for a quick refresher course on whatever topic I need help with.

You’d be wise to do the same thing.

These tips came from the Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook, the highly acclaimed guide to music marketing for independent artists.

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Thanks for everything you do to create music and share it with the world! I appreciate you!


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