75 – Ariel Hyatt on Crowdfunding and Slaying the Fear Monster

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Crowdfunding (aka fanfunding) is all the rage. Independent artists are turning to their fans for financial support, instead of traditional record labels and book publishers.

On this episode Ariel Hyatt and I discuss what’s she’s learned running her own crowdfunding campaign for an ambitious multi-book project. We also tackle how to deal with the fear that consumes artists when they take on big, hairy, audacious goals.

Plus a simple tip on how to make offers to your fans that can bring in a lot more money. Sound good? Hit play and start listening now!

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The photo above was taken at the 2008 Indie Buzz Bootcamp event in St. Louis. Pictured left to right: Pooki Lee, Bob Baker, Derek Sivers, Ariel Hyatt, Tom Jackson, John Taglieri, Nancy Moran.

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